It’s episode #100 of Obviously Fight Talk! And we did something a little different. We didn’t forget about the MMA talk, obviously. We interviewed the author/artist of ‘The Shadow Realm’ comic book, and recapped UFC Charlotte with MMA Analyst Brendan Dorman and broke down all the big news in MMA this week

However, fitting to the occasion, we also took the time to celebrate our shows’ beginnings and journey to date.

Watch Obviously Fight Talk #100:

We looked back at #100 episodes with show regular referee Daniel Movahedi and former co-host Carl Doran.

We recall how the show started, share old stories from behind the scenes, and laugh a lot! From our favourite moments and our favourite guests, we enjoyed reminiscing with the four original voices.

As mentioned, we also recapped UFC on FOX 27 with MMA Analyst Brendan Dorman, and answered what we think is next for ‘Jacare’ Souza.

We were finally joined by Irish Comic-book Artist Barry Keegan whose comic ‘The Shadow Realm’ blew up online and in the papers, appearing on the likes of The MMA Hour and The Irish Independent.

We speak about the reaction to the comic, his inspiration, and the suggestion that it highlights the dangers of MMA.

All that plus the Quick-Fire MMA News where we break down all the big news stories from the MMA world this week like ‘is Khabib Nurmagomedov close to retirement?’

You can go read ‘The Shadow Realm’ on Barry Keegan’s website.

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